The Global Gardens offer students the opportunity to learn about gardening in different cultures around the world.

Students become food explorers.  They explore the history and science of food and diverse food cultures.  They research the history of heirloom vegetables, discuss how seeds have been passed down from generation to generation and brought here.  The global gardens created by our students features plants from native countries including China, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Korea and the Caribbean.

Planting various crops from different gardens of the world provides them with the opportunity to learn and celebrate the rich cultures represented in the “Global Gardens classroom” through plants and foods.



Gardens teach students about agriculture, how we nourish ourselves, the importance of stewardship and an appreciation for the natural systems that support life on our planet.  School Gardens provides an experiential, hands-on educational tool where core curriculum comes alive.  Learning in the garden happens through direct experience and experimentation.  School Gardens are outdoor classrooms that introduce a trial-and-error approach to learning – hands engage the mind to problem solve with tangible results.

The School Gardens, our outdoor classroom, provides the context to learn the principles of ecology, “the language of nature”.  A garden system provides a living context in which to study these principles:  interdependence, diversity, cycles, scale and limits, energy and resources, succession and sustainability.

The School Gardens, as an outdoor classroom, is a rich place for students to observe, explore, describe and ponder.  It is a resource that engages students in real-world applications for the skills they are learning in both English language arts and mathematics.

School garden lessons are connected to education standards.  Students chart the growth of recently planted pole bean plants and measure the change in growth over time.


Welcome to the Discovery School Garden.  It is an outdoor classroom providing a rich opportunity to teach students about the complex and fascinating ecosystems that we are all a part of.  It is a means of improving academic achievement, promoting healthy lifestyles, demonstrating the principles of stewardship, encouraging community & social development, and instilling a sense of place.

The Discovery School Garden welcomes student classes, internships, enrichment programs, garden club, after-school activities and other programs through its garden gate.